Founding Principal
D. Aliferis, B.Ed, M.A.

Curriculum Director
J. Fleming, B.Ed. Ph.D.

Head of Mathematics and Science
D. Brady, B.Ed, M.SC.

Head of Social Sciences and Humanities
K. Littlefield, B. Ed, MLS

Head of English
M. Dutton, B.Ed, Ph.D

Head of Business and Computer Studies
A. Lavergne, B. Ed, Ph.D

English Teacher
S.Kumar B.A,OCT

Science & Math Teacher
I.Goczi B.Ed B.SC,OCT

Math Teacher
Varun B

Science & Math Teacher
Anar H

Math & Science Teacher
Ken T

English & Art Teacher
Mary S

ESL, English & Art Teacher
Linda C

Math Teacher
Rajabali (David) G

English & ESL Teacher
Laura H

English, History & Social Studies Teacher
Brandon G

Math & Science Teacher
Stephen H

ESL Teacher
Rala Z

English, ESL and Social Studies Teacher
Sapna P

English Tutor
Mariam K

English and Social Teacher
Megan D

English Teacher
Gina L

Math & Science Teacher
Sneha A

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